theMINT Gastropub:
Envisioned in the past, Resurrected by opportunity, Executed by experience, Enriched by community, Growing through innovation, Powered by Passionate people

The term gastropub, a portmanteau of gastronomy and pub, originated in England in the late 20th century. Gastronomy is the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine. A Pub (formally public house) is a drinking establishment fundamental to the culture of, as well as, the focal point of the community. theMINT is an AMERICAN Gastropub that focuses on all of the above in perpetual pursuit of an ever changing, ever evolving, ever growing neighborhood gastropub, making theMINT an:
“An Experience Wtihout Counterfeit.”

“Contemporary Comfort Foods.” Taking classic household recipes, deconstructing and then re-assembling them using modern technique, technical know-how, and a measure of whimsy; theMINT creates a distinctive, delicious, and fun alternative to the dining scene. With a menu that changes often, both seasonally as well as intra-seasonally, theMINT strives to always keep the dining experience interesting, inventive, and intentional.
“America is a melting pot, is it not? Multiple ethnicities and their respective cuisines have become comfort food for all households. Never limit your imagination or your palette by geographic location or ethnic background, celebrate the diversity of our culture. And where better to celebrate and integrate culture than at a dinner table?” -Domenic “Mimmo” Lombardo

Old world inspiration, new world applications offering unique and distinctive cocktails derived from classic recipes of the past refreshed with modern techniques and innovations coupled with an unparalleled selection of spirits.

Focused on America’s best with the world in our peripherals. Boasting a substantial beer selection, theMINT offers a slew of American craft beers as well as worldly selections and some common favorites; with a constantly rotating draft selection that strives to impress and intrigue.

Impassioned people who believe in this industry, this concept, and in hospitality. People who have the drive, the curiosity, and the desire to constantly improve and evolve what we have to offer…lifers